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Healthy Sausage and Broccoli Pasta

I’m trying to go dairy-free. I know, seems like torture. But honestly, it’s easier than I thought! I’m breastfeeding Asa now and even though he doesn’t seem to have any dairy allergies, I have read a few articles about how dairy can affect a baby’s digestive system. So, I’m giving it a try!…


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15 minute Tabbouleh

I’m finally back in the kitchen after a week at Disney World with the kids and then a week of sick kids. Today, I was able to visit with my good friend Louie B. Free in Youngstown via Zoom and share a delicious new recipe. Spring time is a great time to get…


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Rotisserie Chicken Baked Taquitos

If I’m making Mexican food, I typically opt to use rotisserie chicken. I love the flavor, and it makes it oh, so easy to cook! This Taco Tuesday I’m sharing my super simple spin on baked taquitos. Next time I make these I will use flour tortillas over corn… my kids just don’t…


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10 Minute TikTok Ramen

I’m kind of a sucker for social media food trends. Even if it seems like everyone else on the planet has tried it, I want to hop on the bandwagon too. I mean, there’s a reason they are trending…right?! Enter the TikTok Ramen trend. The best part about this recipe is it only…


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Packing the Perfect Cooler!

Packing the perfect cooler this summer for your next road trip, boating adventure or trip to the local park. There really is an art to packing those cool summer snack packs.


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Low-Carb Beef Tostadas

Easy Low-Carb Beef Tostadas


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