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Best Lasagna Recipe Ever!!

I’m biased, sure. But I’ve yet to come upon someone who doesn’t love this lasagna recipe. Made with my mom (Nance) Secret Spaghetti Sauce is best, but you can also make this meatless with frozen spinach. Both options are cheesy goodness on a plate. This meal is best when made the day or…


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El Dorado Delight

This quick hitter recipe doesn’t take any time at all and is crazy delicious. Packed with flavor (and cheese, lol). Not really the healthiest dinner option, but if you’re looking for something fast and large enough to feed your family a feast… this is a good one to try. I would recommend pairing…


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Big Mac Egg Rolls

Guys, bear with me here. I know that saying something is better than McDonald’s is a big claim, but I wouldn’t say it if it wasn’t true. Now, the thought of a fried Big Mac egg roll might make you curious… but please, with the love of all things holy TRUST ME when…


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30 Minute Cheesy Enchiladas

¡Feliz Cinco de Mayo, mis amigos! Last night the kids and I wanted to make a really simple recipe to celebrate the upcoming holiday, so we landed on cheesy enchiladas. It’s rare to make a dish that results in zero leftovers, but this one absolutely did. Everyone in our house enjoyed this 30…


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Simple Spicy Cilantro Dip

It’s almost madness time as the NCAA basketball 🏀 tournament tips off this weekend. This is my absolute favorite time of the year. I’ve even tried to plan pregnancies around this time so I could sit in front of a TV and do nothing but watch basketball. Unfortunately, my timing never worked out,…


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Cream Cheese Wontons

Light, creamy and fried to perfection. These Cream Cheese Wontons are very easy and a delectable appetizer or side dish. Or quite frankly, you can eat them as your main dish like I did last night. Last night I didn’t have a ton of ingredients on hand, I really need to get some…


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