You don’t have to work 3 jobs, but you do it for us.

You don’t have to take our son to the driving range, but you do it for him.

You don’t have to take our daughter on picnic dates in the park, but you do it for her.

You don’t have to lay in bed with our baby until he falls asleep, but you do it for our baby.

You don’t have to help with the kids while I cook, but you do it for me.

You don’t have to take our older son to run errands when it would be easier to do it alone, but you do it for you him.

You don’t have to clean the kitchen after dinner, but you do it for me.

You don’t have to leave work early for our daughter’s ballet, but you do it for her.


You don’t have to do your own laundry, but you do it for me.

You don’t have to sleep with our kids when they scream at night, but you do it for them.

You don’t have to watch the children while I go out with friends, but you do it for me.

You don’t have to be the most selfless human I’ll ever know, but you do it for us.

I don’t have to write these words, but I do it for you.

I know when I share this with you, you will shy away from this post because you don’t like the attention, but I don’t care. I want you to know we see what you are doing for us, and we appreciate you and admire your selflessness. Not just on Father’s Day…but every day of the year. I know I don’t show it. I know when you walk in the door I look like death. I am drained and exhausted to the bone, but I am writing this so you never forget.

You are a hero.

You are appreciated.

You are admired.

You are loved.

You are our everything.


You are his hero.


You are her first love.


You are his protector.

Dear Husband,

It’s that time of year again. Tomorrow is Mother’s Day and I’m sure you’re scrambling, last-minute to come up with something really special for the woman in your life. You know, the one who takes care of you, your children, your household, without thinking of herself. Yes, that amazing lady in your life will be celebrated tomorrow and you’re probably thinking….. crap! I procrastinated, again.

Fear not, dear husbands. Because I have the most epic solution for you. In fact, you will be a hero … dare I say legendary … if you follow my free advice.

Are you ready for it?

Just leave your wife the hell alone.

That goes for your children too. Tell them to get lost.

Brutal? Perhaps. Stunning? Maybe. Confused? Probably.

Allow me to spell it out for you. I’m not trying to talk down to you the way I speak with my 1-year-old, I just want to make sure I paint this picture clearly.

Here are 15 reasons why Moms want to be left the hell alone on Mother’s Day.

  1. Moms want to use the bathroom in peace.
  2. Moms want to not have to make 5 different breakfasts, only to clean up and make way for lunch.
  3. Moms don’t want to change diapers. News flash, I know.
  4. Moms want to watch a 1 hour Netflix show in less than 6 hours. That means no interruptions.
  5. Moms want to walk through the house without silently whispering to herself: WTF HAPPENED IN HERE!?
  6. Moms want to take a bubble bath without an audience.
  7. Moms might want to have a mimosa at 10 AM or a coke or whatever her potion.
  8. Moms don’t want to have to referee the screaming, hitting, fighting and whining.
  9. Moms want to go to Target without an entourage of hood rats running down the aisles, hiding in clothes racks, screaming at the top of their lungs about bodily functions. Moms want to go to Target A L O N E.
  10. Moms want a clean house. Sure, they may clean up the house the night before Mother’s Day but since you and the children are leaving her the hell alone she won’t have to pick up another Lego, Barbie shoe or your dirty smelly socks for the rest of the day.
  11. Moms want to lounge in their yoga pants without judgement. Or maybe a mom wants to get dressed up without the glaring eyes of a child followed by: “whoa! mom! you got dressed nice, where are we going?!”
  12. Moms want to binge on candy without hiding in the closet.
  13. Moms want to sleep. Not sleep like a baby, because moms know babies don’t sleep. Moms want to sleep like their husbands.
  14. Moms don’t want to have to spend 2.5 hours trying to get the kids to bed. Moms don’t like it when the “I love you too” sounds angry and frustrated.
  15. Moms don’t want to feel the guilt. That means if you’re going to give the lucky lady in your life this day of luxury, don’t make her feel as though she owes you until the kids are 18.

So there you have it, dear husband. The simplest, greatest gift you could give the amazing mom in your life. And think of it this way, you and the children can enjoy a wonderful day together. I’m sure the children will obey and not make crazy demands and not fight and not scream and be the perfect little angels that they are.

After all, mom knows best.

mother's day

Happy Mother’s Day!