If we’re being completely honest here, I haven’t really worked out or focused on my health in over a year. That is, unless you count chasing children as cardio. Sure, I eat pretty healthy. We indulge in Chick Fil A on occasion just like the next yoga pants, messy bun wearing mom in suburbia, but we aren’t frequent fliers. I implement fruit and veggies in my weekly meal planning, and I try really hard to drink water over wine…but my health has not been a priority.

I just don’t have time for it.

Finding the time has been the hardest hurdle for me, and I’m sure so many moms can relate! Between juggling work, schedules, school, activities, meals, events, and writing I hardly have time to shower let alone workout.

Last week, that all changed.

My sister-in-law has been living with us this summer while she’s still in nursing school, and we made it a goal to start running together. But like life, summer got really busy and it went to the wayside. Until last week when I put on my tennis shoes and walked out the door.

I ran two miles my first time out, which ended up kind of being a mistake considering I hadn’t run in probably 8 months. I was sore, but in a good way. I felt better about myself just getting a decent sweat in.

Five days later, I’ve run every consecutive day since. I’m not sore anymore and I can tell my lungs are strengthening. I want to eat healthier foods and drink more water and less wine………..

Here are some simple ways I try to stay healthy in the rat race of life serving as a chaos coordinator…. AKA, mom of 3.

  • Drink 24 oz. of water BEFORE my first cup of coffee. This is a hard one, but it’s crucial. Did you know your body is incredibly dehydrated when you wake up from a night’s sleep? Drinking water will fire up your metabolism, help your body flush out toxins, give your brain fuel, and it may even make you eat less.
  • Kids Yoga. Stick with me here. There is a show on Amazon Prime called Cosmic Kids Yoga. If you have small children, I HIGHLY recommend it. Not only does it calm your children from the craziness of the day (we typically turn it on around 2) but I enjoy it. I’m not a yogi, I wish I was….. next fitness goal…. but until then, Cosmic Kids Yoga is a great outlet to get my blood flowing and muscles stretched.
  • Fitness watch. I have the Apple Watch, only because my husband can’t wear it in his current job. I know they are pricy and I’m not endorsing you to spend a lot of money…but if you have the means, it’s life changing. Really, it is. I am ultra aware of my steps and “closing my rings” — it’s kind of become a healthy obsession. My fitness goals are pretty standard, honestly, I don’t think I ever changed the factory settings on them…but the sheer gratification of “closing a ring” is one of the things I look forward to the most. I also feel extremely disappointed when I don’t get anywhere near my goal, like when I have to sit in a meeting all day. Oy.
  • Real foods. Look, I have three kids under the age of 6 so I know how easy it is to give them goldfish and french fries on the road. I try really, really hard to pack their lunches every single day. We are a family on-the-go: from the park to the zoo to the fair to the pool to the local shopping center, we have something lined up on our agenda daily. It’s easier, healthier AND cheaper to pack lunches. I have the ability to select the real foods, such as carrots, cucumbers, grapes. And skip on the chicken nuggets and fries. I purchased bento boxes from Target and they have been a life saver. I have linked the ones we have here!
  • Put on your shoes and GO! Listen, I know this is going to sound ridiculous but lacing up your tennis shoes is half the battle. Whether it’s heading to the gym, hip hop class, going for a run or a brisk walk… lace up your tennis shoes and walk out the front door! 20 minutes, 30 minutes, an hour later you’re guaranteed to feel so much better.

Things I’ve noticed since starting my workout routine:

  • More energy
  • Happier
  • Eating healthier
  • Drinking more water
  • Drinking less wine… kidding… but not really
  • Sleeping more soundly
  • Skin is brighter (probably from more water)


  • Holding myself accountable. How do you keep yourself motivated? What drives you to workout? Comment below, I’d love to hear your tips!!!

Naming a child ain’t easy. There are so many ridiculous things to take into consideration. To name a few:

  • Does the name rhyme with fart, fat, whale, skunk, pig, or anything else the kids will pick up on the playground.
  • Are you okay with the nickname? Growing up Shanisty, I was called Shan a lot. Rhymes with Man. I hated it. Still not a huge fan, but it’s too late now. My playground days are long gone.
  • Who do you know with the name? Do you like them?
  • Who does your spouse know with the name? Do they like them?
  • If it’s a family name, will people be pissed you stole it?
  • Speaking of family, when you have large families like ours…do you have a brother, sister, cousin, great-aunt with the name?
  • Does it fit well with your last name? Staying away from Irish names here.
  • Does it fit well with the middle name?
  • Does your family approve of the name? This is why we keep our names (mostly) secret. We don’t need anyone’s opinions. No time for dat.
  • Is the name gender neutral? Are you okay with that?

If you’re not finding out the gender (us) you’ll need a boy name and a girl name.  That’s where you come in! We have a girl name, it’s set. But boy names are difficult. Our oldest son is Luke, so we like strong traditional names.

I’m opening this up to you all! If you choose the name we love…(if we have a boy)…I will send you a gift card in the mail. No joke. #desperate

Be sure to follow me on Instagram to follow the conversation. You can also comment below, or shoot me an email at: hello@shesbecomingdomestic.com

Ready, set, GO!

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When I was pregnant with my second child, I wrote about the difference between being pregnant the second time around. Baby #1 vs. Baby #2 was one of my favorite posts to write. However, I’m quickly learning that was nothing…I mean, NOTHING compared to being pregnant with #3.

Baby #1: Reading every book on baby.
Baby #2: Reading every article on siblings.
Baby #3: Reading how-to survive manuals.

Baby #1: Brand new, freshly cleaned outfits to bring baby home from hospital.
Baby #2: Hospital bag was forgotten as we rushed out the door to the hospital. Husband has to bring random semi-clean outfit for baby.
Baby #3: Those onesies the hospital provides are clean enough.

Baby #1: Prenatal yoga, walks, healthy eating!
Baby #2: Running after first baby is exercise.
Baby #3: Sitting on my fat a** and waiting for my husband to come home, watching the seconds tick by is exhausting.

Baby #1: Maternity clothes are so fun!
Baby #2: Even though I’m pregnant in a completely different season, I’m still gonna rock last pregnancy’s wardrobe.
Baby #3: Can’t find old maternity clothes, so not even bothering. Stretching out normal clothes until they burst at the seams.

Baby #1: Listening to everyone’s advice on what it’s like to be a mom.
Baby #2: Listening to myself.
Baby #3: Everyone shut the hell up. Silence is a virtue.

Baby #1: Beautiful baby book already filled with fun pregnancy moments we’ve experienced during this journey.
Baby #2: Beautiful empty baby book remains empty on child’s second birthday.
Baby #3: The birth certificate provides a wealth of information.

Baby #1: Nursery is perfect. Can’t wait to bring baby home to a beautiful room that they won’t even set foot into for 6 months-1 year.
Baby #2: We moved baby #1 out of the crib and slapped on some new sheets.
Baby #3: Pack ‘n play works just fine.

Baby #1: Strangers lovingly ask, “Is this your first? How precious!”
Baby #2: Strangers say, “Awww- two will to be a handful!”
Baby #3: Strangers don’t even talk anymore. Instead they look at the other two hood rats running wild through a crowded supermarket. They then stare at my big belly, look down, shake their heads and walk away.

Baby #1: Dad to be attends every doctor’s appointment.
Baby #2: Dad attends 20 week ultrasound.
Baby #3: Doctor asks, “Is there a father?”

Baby #1: Love with all your heart.
Baby #2: Love with all your heart.
Baby #3: Dear heart, please make room to love one more.


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