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Simple yet Satisfying Christmas Meals!

Ah, the holidays. A time for get togethers, events, and planning large meals for family and friends. If you’re like me, you rarely go to the grocery store this time of year unless it’s for a big holiday meal. In fact, my family ate Taco Bell twice last week because I didn’t want…


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Pregnancy Diet and Exercise

I’m currently 38 weeks pregnant with our fourth child. To be honest, I’m ready for this baby to come out. Sure, I’m excited to meet the little bundle of joy, but even more so…I am in pain and uncomfortable and just kind of over it. I think any woman who’s been there before…


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10 Things We Shouldn’t Do While Pregnant but Do Anyway

My name is Shanisty. I am 30 weeks pregnant and I eat hot dogs. Admitting I have a hot dog problem is the first step, right? Okay, let’s take it a step further. My name is Shanisty. I am 30 weeks pregnant and I eat cold deli meat sandwiches, drink way too much…


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Every Bloody Needs a Buddy (Double Comfort Foods)

I feel as though you’re either a Bloody Mary fan or not. Frankly speaking, I am a fan. Which is why I was extremely excited to test out Cameron Mitchell’s newly developed cocktail recipes for Double Comfort featuring their blends and spices. The recipes are incredible….but we’ll get to that later. One of…


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A Family Af {Fair} at the Ohio State Fair

When I was a kid, my mom would take me to the Ohio State Fair once a year. I don’t remember ever riding any rides, and the smell of the fair food always made me feel sick. What a lame kid! But I loved going, every single year…it sort of marked the end…


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10 Grocery Hacks for the Busy Mom

Tick, tock… it’s not yet 5:00 and I am out of everything! Milk, bread, eggs, you name it. Oh, how I wish I could wait until my husband got home from work to go to the grocery store. I also wish it was super easy for me to snag a sitter while I…


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