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Life Lessons from Luke

Our 6-year old is a natural born leader. Sure, all parents feel that way about their precious little ones, but there is something truly unique about Luke. You see, Luke has two loves in his life right now. Sports Coaching Eden in sports and really, in life. He is a wealth of knowledge…


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Child #1 vs. #2 vs. #3

Of course I knew it all back then. Don’t we all? It’s human nature to think at any given time during any given circumstance we know best. I can say with certainty that’s absolutely been the case through motherhood. During my second and third pregnancy journeys, I wrote about the differences of baby…


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Worst shopping trip to date: next time, pack the goldfish

Scene: Marshalls. Approximately 5:15 PM. Tuesday. Shopping needs: 1 black sweater. Actors: 1 very loud, very hungry son. 1 very loud, very hungry, very ornery daughter. 1 very crabby baby. 1 very exhausted mother. Backstory: I’m looking for a black sweater for an upcoming event. Simple enough. We’ve already been to Nordstrom, Anthropologie…


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IMPERFECT – 9 simple steps to making it all work!

I took part in one of the most amazing experiences last week. I was asked to give a 45 minute speech on “How Moms Make It All Work”. Honestly, it was one of my proudest moments, because this was the very first time I wasn’t speaking on behalf of my television station or on…


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10 Reasons Why I Like (and strongly dislike) Having My Kids Close in Age

“You have your hands full.” Five words I hear almost daily. From the post man. From the grocery store cashier. From a passer-by at the park. I always look down at my entourage and say, “Sure do. Full hands. Full heart.” When I found out I was pregnant with my daughter, our son was…


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I blinked. And you turned 4.

I blinked. And you turned 4. Your curiosity and kindness amaze me. Your inquisitiveness keeps me on my toes, constantly searching for more logical answers to your tough questions. “Why does the sun shine in the winter if it’s cold outside?” “What exactly is a year, mommy?” You are extremely mechanical and love…


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