Truth time. The last two New Year’s Resolutions/promises I’ve made to myself is better self-care. I am not insinuating that I’m a particularly unhealthy person, but I truly believe we can always strive to be better when it comes to self-care. Especially, moms!

Admittedly, my dental health has taken a backseat … for years. I’m cringing even typing these words. I won’t bore you with the excuses: kids, insurance, timing, moves, yadda yadda. But the truth is, my dental health hasn’t been a top priority for me. My kids dental health has for sure, but not mine.

Last summer, the kids and I went in for a regular check-up and x-rays at Dental Reflections Dublin. We were greeted with the friendliest staff and Dr. Rudi As-Sanie is simply the sweetest. The remarkable thing about this practice… I didn’t have to feel embarrassed or guilty for not visiting a dentist in quite a few years. They didn’t judge me for letting my flossing lapse, they were genuinely interested and ready to help me take control of my dental health again.

After some x-rays showed I needed a crown (yow!) and a deep cleaning, I said my good-byes and left. Honestly, I thought I would leave the crown waiting for a bit while we focused on other expenses for the kids. I know, I know.

But Dr. As-Sanie emailed me personally asking me to come back and have the procedures done. She said it was important to take care of my health, especially as a mom. She gets it… she has little ones of her own! That’s where I decided right then and there to go back.

During the last few months, I have had an incredible deep cleaning experience and left with my very first Sonic Care tooth brush. I AM OB-SESSED!!!! Yes, yes, yes! I already can tell a difference in my teeth. I’ve also had the crown procedure completed without pain, which is huge.

Needless to say, I am extremely happy with my new dental office and look forward to many years with Dr. As-Sanie for myself, and my entire family.


True story. I needed a crown, but Dr. As-Sanie did an amazing job!

Dr. As-Sanie explaining my procedure with real time technology. So cool!

Dr. As-Sanie and her husband.

*This post is sponsored by Dental Reflections Dublin. All opinions are MY OWN.*

If we’re being completely honest here, I haven’t really worked out or focused on my health in over a year. That is, unless you count chasing children as cardio. Sure, I eat pretty healthy. We indulge in Chick Fil A on occasion just like the next yoga pants, messy bun wearing mom in suburbia, but we aren’t frequent fliers. I implement fruit and veggies in my weekly meal planning, and I try really hard to drink water over wine…but my health has not been a priority.

I just don’t have time for it.

Finding the time has been the hardest hurdle for me, and I’m sure so many moms can relate! Between juggling work, schedules, school, activities, meals, events, and writing I hardly have time to shower let alone workout.

Last week, that all changed.

My sister-in-law has been living with us this summer while she’s still in nursing school, and we made it a goal to start running together. But like life, summer got really busy and it went to the wayside. Until last week when I put on my tennis shoes and walked out the door.

I ran two miles my first time out, which ended up kind of being a mistake considering I hadn’t run in probably 8 months. I was sore, but in a good way. I felt better about myself just getting a decent sweat in.

Five days later, I’ve run every consecutive day since. I’m not sore anymore and I can tell my lungs are strengthening. I want to eat healthier foods and drink more water and less wine………..

Here are some simple ways I try to stay healthy in the rat race of life serving as a chaos coordinator…. AKA, mom of 3.

  • Drink 24 oz. of water BEFORE my first cup of coffee. This is a hard one, but it’s crucial. Did you know your body is incredibly dehydrated when you wake up from a night’s sleep? Drinking water will fire up your metabolism, help your body flush out toxins, give your brain fuel, and it may even make you eat less.
  • Kids Yoga. Stick with me here. There is a show on Amazon Prime called Cosmic Kids Yoga. If you have small children, I HIGHLY recommend it. Not only does it calm your children from the craziness of the day (we typically turn it on around 2) but I enjoy it. I’m not a yogi, I wish I was….. next fitness goal…. but until then, Cosmic Kids Yoga is a great outlet to get my blood flowing and muscles stretched.
  • Fitness watch. I have the Apple Watch, only because my husband can’t wear it in his current job. I know they are pricy and I’m not endorsing you to spend a lot of money…but if you have the means, it’s life changing. Really, it is. I am ultra aware of my steps and “closing my rings” — it’s kind of become a healthy obsession. My fitness goals are pretty standard, honestly, I don’t think I ever changed the factory settings on them…but the sheer gratification of “closing a ring” is one of the things I look forward to the most. I also feel extremely disappointed when I don’t get anywhere near my goal, like when I have to sit in a meeting all day. Oy.
  • Real foods. Look, I have three kids under the age of 6 so I know how easy it is to give them goldfish and french fries on the road. I try really, really hard to pack their lunches every single day. We are a family on-the-go: from the park to the zoo to the fair to the pool to the local shopping center, we have something lined up on our agenda daily. It’s easier, healthier AND cheaper to pack lunches. I have the ability to select the real foods, such as carrots, cucumbers, grapes. And skip on the chicken nuggets and fries. I purchased bento boxes from Target and they have been a life saver. I have linked the ones we have here!
  • Put on your shoes and GO! Listen, I know this is going to sound ridiculous but lacing up your tennis shoes is half the battle. Whether it’s heading to the gym, hip hop class, going for a run or a brisk walk… lace up your tennis shoes and walk out the front door! 20 minutes, 30 minutes, an hour later you’re guaranteed to feel so much better.

Things I’ve noticed since starting my workout routine:

  • More energy
  • Happier
  • Eating healthier
  • Drinking more water
  • Drinking less wine… kidding… but not really
  • Sleeping more soundly
  • Skin is brighter (probably from more water)


  • Holding myself accountable. How do you keep yourself motivated? What drives you to workout? Comment below, I’d love to hear your tips!!!

I recently decided to make a list of ways I de-stress and pamper myself. Sure, I’d love a spa day just like the next person…but that’s just not always a reality. I pulled out a sheet of paper and I wrote at the top: WAYS I TREAT MYSELF and then I set my pen down and walked away.

Truth be told, I don’t really treat myself often. I should. We all should! But the reality is a huge amount of us actually don’t, because we don’t have the time or bandwidth after a long day of work, laundry, cooking and butt wiping. When I’m finished with the day, I kind of want to curl up in a ball or stare at the wall. I kid. But not really. Anyway…

I refuse to make excuses anymore! Here are 7 ways to treat yo-self at home fo FREE!

  1. Take a bath. This is a given and the easiest way I treat myself. Often times I have an audience of three and a husband who wants to sit down and chat *eye-roll*. But sometimes I simply lock them out and enjoy a relaxing bubble bath.
  2. Go for a walk. We go on walks daily, sometimes twice a day. Not only is it great exercise, but it’s also great to get some fresh air and get the kids out of the house.
  3. Listen to a podcast or watch Netflix. Admittedly, I don’t get an opportunity to watch very much television…but I like listening to Podcasts. I’d love to hear what ones are your favorites! I’m currently working on one with one of my best friends. Stay tuned for that shiz…
  4. Reconnect with a friend. Sometimes just reaching out with a simple text to a long-lost friend is a great way to refocus your life. As you catch up with the person it’s helpful to see how great everything in your life really is…. even when it feels as though it isn’t.
  5. Declutter. Dudes, I realize this one isn’t for everyone…but sometimes, when I declutter an area of the home I instantly feel a sense of relief.
  6. Music. If you know me, you know my love for Bob Dylan. Everyone has a favorite artist…. crank up those tunes and get lost in the lyrics.
  7. Write. Or if you don’t enjoy writing, find a creative outlet and own it. Writing is a great way to de-stress your life, hence why you are reading these words.

No matter what strikes you, find a way to pamper yourself. Because, dangit…you freaking deserve it, mama!

Cheers! xx

Treat yo self

Every once in awhile I score a bath without an audience.

Treat yo-self

Pampering yourself while juggling it all isn’t for the birds.

A couple of weeks ago I did something drastic. I cleaned out our fridge and pantry and threw out every single processed find. I’m talking about the goldfish and the sugary cereals. Granted, we didn’t have too much of it in our pantry so it wasn’t being super wasteful. But still! As a mother of three small children, this was a pretty drastic move!

At the risk of being quite possibly the most annoying person you encounter today, let me preface this by saying this is something I am *not* perfect at. I’m trying to promote healthier eating habits, but am far from perfect. We are still going to splurge on occasion, and that’s okay.

Here are 7 healthy eating tips I’ve found useful, and I hope you do as well.

  1. Don’t Cater to Them: I don’t make them a separate dinners. No, the children don’t always love what’s on their plate. Sure, they throw a fit sometimes… but that’s what I made for dinner. By doing this, I’m hoping to teach them they can’t always get chicken nuggets and mac and cheese when we are trying to eat a balanced meal. That being said…
  2. Always Make One Item They Will Eat: I’m not a terribly mean mom, so I always do make sure to add at least one thing to their plate that I know they all 3 will eat. Whether it is homemade, baked french fries, grapes, or just a few pieces of cheese…I still make sure there is one item they will eat.
  3. No Baby Food: I really am not really sure if this has made any difference in my children’s eating habits, but it was something that was important to me when my first child was born. When Luke started eating solid foods, I opted to purchase a BEABA Babycook and started making his food straight from the table. I did this partially because I wanted to start developing his taste buds, and partially because organic baby food is expensive!
  4. Involve The Children in the Process: All three of my children, even my 1-year-old, are like little vultures in the kitchen when I’m cooking. So, I put them to work! I’ve found a great way to have them help is by handing the older two pizza slicers and letting them cut up soft veggies or tortilla shells. I let them crack eggs and even allow my 1 year old to stir mixtures. By letting the children help with the process of cooking, they are guaranteed to enjoy the meal. There is less complaining. I also make sure to praise them on the delicious meals they cook.
  5. Don’t give up! Some children need to be exposed to a food 10 – 20 times before they’ll even decide if they want to eat it and another 20 – 40 times before they decide if they like to or not. So keep trying and keep leading by example!
  6. Don’t forbid indulgences: I think it’s perfectly fine to offer your child a treats. One of our favorite deserts is this amazing 5 ingredient Protein Bite recipe. We also have a lot of angel food cake with strawberries on top during the spring and summer.
  7. Lead by example: This is an important one. If you’re committed to leading a healthier lifestyle, remember it starts with you and your partner! I know it’s hard. Especially at the end of the day, it can be so challenging for us to put the effort in for ourselves let alone creating healthy eating habits for kids. Meal planning has helped tremendously at our house.

I know it’s challenging, but you got this!

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Dear Adam,

Congrats! You made it a full year with this insanely crazy family of five. In typical third child fashion, I am writing this letter to you two weeks after your first birthday.

You didn’t have a big birthday party. We spent November 4th in Disney World… I mean, what better way to celebrate?! You smashed a small cupcake. You listened to us sing to you. You watched you brother and sister blow out your candle. You got a new Donald Duck stuffed animal. You observed, the way you always do.

Adam, at one year old you are simply irresistible. You have a calm temperament. There isn’t much that upsets you. You are careful and delicate. You are stoic and are very selective with your smiles, and we love you for it.

You are crawling everywhere. You can stand, but lack the confidence to take your first steps. You love sitting at the table with your brother and sister. You adore them. They adore you. There has never been one ounce of jealousy since we brought you home a year ago, and that makes us both so happy.

You love graham crackers. You love chicken. You love bananas. You love carbs. Your hair is crazy blonde, and you have a golden tan to your soft skin. You are tall. You have chubby cheeks. You love to help unload the dishwasher. You enjoy putting things in boxes. You adore stuffed animals and cars.

Adam, I have to be completely honest with you. There was a time around your six-week mark when we genuinely did not know if you would make it to your first birthday. You fell very ill with RSV and had to be hospitalized for four days. You couldn’t open your eyes. Your lungs were filled with the virus. We were scared.

After day 2 at the hospital, you opened your bright brown eyes at us and our prayers for healing were answered. During those 4 days at the hospital, I grew closer to you than I ever could have imagined. It’s hard for me to remember how I felt for your older brother and sister when they were your age. But you are so special. You have expanded my heart to a capacity I did not know existed.

Adam, your sister loves to make you laugh. She growls at you and shakes her finger at you saying, “You’re a bad, bad baby.” She says it with a laugh, and you bust out laughing hysterically. You like to annoy her. You’re going to have a fun relationship.

Adam, your brother is your protector. He gets nervous when you cry or try to crawl down the stairs on your own. He won’t let you bathe alone because he’s afraid you could fall. He hugs you and wrestles with you, but never too hard. He’s excited for you to throw a ball with him, but that doesn’t stop him from playing with you now. He is going to be your best friend.

Adam, your mommy and daddy are obsessed with you. You laugh and smile and give us kisses. You rough house with your dad and you crawl to me for safety.

We spend a lot of time at home, the 5 of us. We cook almost every meal at home, we watch movies together, we play games, we listen to music, we go on walks. You are right there with us. Every second of every day.

Adam, thank you for showing us we still had more love to give. Thank you for expanding our hearts. Thank you for joining this loud family. Thank you for going with the flow. Thank you for teaching us how precious life is. Thank you for being you.



adam william