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They Won’t Remember

Dear Mama, they won’t remember the size of their childhood home.


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8 Best Holiday Gift Ideas – From a Mom of 4

8 of the BEST holiday gifts, from a mom of 4.


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Mom Guilt and A Messy Bouquet of Flowers

How mom guilt is REAL and most like a bouquet of messy flowers.


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Sleep like a baby…

You gotta love the saying, “sleep like a baby”… I think a more relatable saying is “sleep like your husband…. or partner”. I always say, “I hope you sleep like a baby, unless you’re an Ireland baby.” 😆 Jude will turn a year old next week. Overall, he’s a good sleeper, but I’d…


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Q+A’s with Jeff + Shanisty

I love answering questions with you all. I get a lot of messages about “mommying”, but I wanted to open up some of your questions to Jeff as well. My husband is a “behind the scenes” kind of guy…but he really has some great advice to offer up too! I recently asked for…


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“I Want You To Hear” How a local family shed some light on hearing loss in America

*This post is sponsored by Cochlear. All opinions are 100% my own.* Living right here in Central Ohio is one of the coolest 12 year olds I’ve ever met. She is smart, witty, outgoing, loves to read, enjoys concerts with her friends, plays basketball, loves her family and friends, she is an advocate….


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