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Big Mac Egg Rolls

Guys, bear with me here. I know that saying something is better than McDonald’s is a big claim, but I wouldn’t say it if it wasn’t true. Now, the thought of a fried Big Mac egg roll might make you curious… but please, with the love of all things holy TRUST ME when…


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Buttermilk Fried Chicken Fingers

I had a hankering for some fried chicken last night. I made these buttermilk fried chicken fingers in just a few minutes, but really I should have marinated the chicken in the buttermilk for several hours before. Since it was a last minute decision to make some fried chicken strips, I didn’t have…


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Easy, Cheesy Pizza Pinwheels

I made these on a whim this weekend for lunch and the kids have already requested it again, twice. Not only are these Pizza Pinwheels incredibly easy, the ingredients are super simple and ones you can snag on your next grocery order or trip to the store. These Pizza Pinwheels could serve as…


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Veggie Pizza

Happy 2/22/22! Today is also my mom, Nance’s birthday. I found it only fitting that I share one of her best recipes on her birthday. This Veggie Pizza recipe has been in our family for years, in fact the recipe she sent over to me was typed up with a typewriter. Something my…


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