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Meet The Irelands: Shanisty + Jeff Tell All

If you’ve been following along for awhile, thank you! If you are new to my blog or perhaps my social media platforms, welcome! I recently asked on Instagram if you’d like to learn a little more about us… some fun facts, and random thoughts, if you will. These questions might give you a…


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Spring Cleaning: 5 Simple Steps to Declutter Your Life

From the deepest, darkest corners of our home is where my anxiety lives. From the depths of our disorganized, disastrous basement, pantry and closets… you’ll find my blood pressure rises to a boil. CLUTTER. I know I’m not alone here. For me, it’s an everyday annoyance. I realize I have 3 small children,…


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Donate Life – A father’s love for his son

Zac walked across the living room, passing his father with a brief message. “I’m just going to run down to a friend’s house, I’ll be right back.” Andy almost said, “Be careful.” But he didn’t. He knew his 18-year-old son Zac was always careful on his motorcycle. He always wore a helmet. He…


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