I always wanted a big family with lots of kids. Only children either want what they grew up with or what they didn’t get to experience as a child. 50/50, right? Well, as an only child, I was always in the camp of wanting a loud house with builtin playmates.

Did we imagine we’d have 4? I’m not really sure there is a magic number when it comes to growing a family, everyone is different. But Lord willing, this will be our grand finale. I’m too old for this, ha!

The reality of having another child still hasn’t really set in yet with me. I’m finally well into my second trimester, but the weeks have seemed to drag on. My first trimester was a beast. I can actually say I was not sick with Luke, Eden or Adam…but baby #4 wants to make his / her mark early! I was throwing up every day after every meal for weeks. Misery. Taco Bell has been my lifeline, and if you follow me on Instagram, you’d see it’s pretty much this child’s entire diet. (I kid, but not really.)

I’m due late September around the first day of fall, which is kind of exciting. Fall is such a beautiful time in Ohio. Like the rest of our children we will not find out the gender and wait for his or her birthday.

Some things I’ve noticed with baby #4:

  • Names are particularly hard to chose. Especially if we have another boy. We have a few on a short list, but my mind changes with the wind.
  • People are actually very surprised to learn we’re having another child. I think people have this idea in their head that 4 is a little excessive. I didn’t really think it would come as a surprise to anyone, but it really has.
  • I’m nervous. I think I’m more nervous about this pregnancy than any others. I’m older and have a business to run and a household. My children are a little older and starting to get really busy with school and activities. The thought of going back to the newborn days actually frightens me, but I know we will do just fine!

That being said, I would love to hear from the 4 children camp…. I’ve heard #4 is easy and just blends right in with the rest. If that’s the case, I think we’ll be just fine.

Message me below or send me an email and let me know your experience!!

When I was pregnant with my second child, I wrote about the difference between being pregnant the second time around. Baby #1 vs. Baby #2 was one of my favorite posts to write. However, I’m quickly learning that was nothing…I mean, NOTHING compared to being pregnant with #3.

Baby #1: Reading every book on baby.
Baby #2: Reading every article on siblings.
Baby #3: Reading how-to survive manuals.

Baby #1: Brand new, freshly cleaned outfits to bring baby home from hospital.
Baby #2: Hospital bag was forgotten as we rushed out the door to the hospital. Husband has to bring random semi-clean outfit for baby.
Baby #3: Those onesies the hospital provides are clean enough.

Baby #1: Prenatal yoga, walks, healthy eating!
Baby #2: Running after first baby is exercise.
Baby #3: Sitting on my fat a** and waiting for my husband to come home, watching the seconds tick by is exhausting.

Baby #1: Maternity clothes are so fun!
Baby #2: Even though I’m pregnant in a completely different season, I’m still gonna rock last pregnancy’s wardrobe.
Baby #3: Can’t find old maternity clothes, so not even bothering. Stretching out normal clothes until they burst at the seams.

Baby #1: Listening to everyone’s advice on what it’s like to be a mom.
Baby #2: Listening to myself.
Baby #3: Everyone shut the hell up. Silence is a virtue.

Baby #1: Beautiful baby book already filled with fun pregnancy moments we’ve experienced during this journey.
Baby #2: Beautiful empty baby book remains empty on child’s second birthday.
Baby #3: The birth certificate provides a wealth of information.

Baby #1: Nursery is perfect. Can’t wait to bring baby home to a beautiful room that they won’t even set foot into for 6 months-1 year.
Baby #2: We moved baby #1 out of the crib and slapped on some new sheets.
Baby #3: Pack ‘n play works just fine.

Baby #1: Strangers lovingly ask, “Is this your first? How precious!”
Baby #2: Strangers say, “Awww- two will to be a handful!”
Baby #3: Strangers don’t even talk anymore. Instead they look at the other two hood rats running wild through a crowded supermarket. They then stare at my big belly, look down, shake their heads and walk away.

Baby #1: Dad to be attends every doctor’s appointment.
Baby #2: Dad attends 20 week ultrasound.
Baby #3: Doctor asks, “Is there a father?”

Baby #1: Love with all your heart.
Baby #2: Love with all your heart.
Baby #3: Dear heart, please make room to love one more.


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