Easter is already next weekend which means Mother’s Day is right around the corner. It’s hard to believe how fast spring is moving along this year.

As a child, I always struggled with picking out the perfect gift for my mom and usually settled on a trip to the nursery to help her plant her yearly flower pots. It was something meaningful to her and it shaped years of memories for me. We always chose experiences over presents.

Now that I’m a mom of 3 (almost 4!) my husband seems to struggle with the same problem and usually just asks me what I’d like for Mother’s Day. If you’re reading this and searching for a wonderful gift this year that will surprise mom and tell her how much she means to the family, I may have an unique idea for you!

I recently stumbled upon an awesome company called PatronArt. PatronArt is on a mission to make original and commissioned art accessible to everyone while helping independent artists thrive. PatronArt was built to connect talented artists with passionate art buyers, and make original art accessible to everyone. Their online concept is simple and inviting as it always helps hard-working artists thrive by purchasing their original pieces of art.

A commissioned piece of art would be an amazing gift idea for mom this year! It sort of combines the present and experience idea I always struggled with for my own mother. PatronArt makes it really easy to get in contact with the perfect artist to make your mom’s masterpiece come to life. Turn your mother’s photo into a beautiful custom artwork through PatronArt as hundreds of independent artists are ready to create that once in a lifetime gift for mom.

We all know mom deserves the best this year, so treat her to a thoughtful, creative Mother’s Day gift she’ll cherish forever!

*This post was sponsored by PatronArt, all thoughts and opinions are my own.

A Mother’s Day gift she’ll cherish forever.

Wake up.
Creep downstairs.
Hold my breath, don’t wake the bears.

Coffee brews.
First sips are best.
Finding my computer is the next morning quest.

Tiptoe to my office.
Fire up my laptop.
Quickly responding to emails before I have to stop.

Shhh. Quiet.
Is that what I think?
The first little bear rubs his eyes between blinks.

Emails on hold.
Coffee turns cold.
I remind myself I will miss this when they grow old.

Milk is served.
First little bear is content.
Back to my office where my mornings are spent.

Emails fire back.
I’m typing quickly in between sighs.
Second little bear lets out a weak little cry.

Milk number two.
It’s a quick decoy.
Little bear really just wants a toy.

Breakfast requests.
I tell the bears, “take a number”.
Just then the third bear wakes from her slumber.

Eggs and fruit.
No, cereal and bagels were their plan.
Didn’t you know mom is a chef on demand.

Breakfast is over.
The bears want to play.
This is how we start each and every day.

Mama, I feel you.
You are not alone.
And honestly, the chaos is what makes a happy home.

Just know you’re amazing.
Wonderful and beautiful too.
After all, they love the and only you.


An Ode to Mornings

Some how…some way… it always gets done. An ode to mornings as a busy mama.

I’m turning 35 years old this week. Some will say, shut it sister… you’re a young pup. Some will say, whoaaaaa…old balls. Some will say, I totally feel ya.

I’ve never really been one for my birthday, but this one is kind of hitting me in the jugular. Holy schnikes, I’m getting up there. Halfway to 70 years old. So, I wanted to put something in writing about this season of my life, mainly to have something to look back on when I reach 40, 45, and dare I say….70 years of age.

So I turned to my favorite person in the world (most days)…my husband. I asked him interview style to answer 15 random questions about me. Most are ridiculous. Some are funny. All are 100% accurate.

I encourage you to do something similar at some point during this season of your life. It didn’t take us longer than 5 minutes. Heck, you could even copy these exact questions if you’d like. That way you, too, can have something to look back on when you’re 70 and smile at how beautiful this messy life is.

(His answers are first, my thoughts are in bold italic.)

  1. If I could have one super power, what would it be?  8 hours of sleep. I know this isn’t a super power, but getting it would be! –Yeah, I would venture to say this would be a pretty kick ass super power.
  2. What is my favorite part of being a mother? Laughing with your children. -This one he didn’t even hesitate on, he answered it right away, and the answer was perfect. Absolutely, hands down, my favorite part of being a mother is the laughter and life my children give our home.
  3. What is one of my dreams? To write a book. I’ve never wavered on this since I was 8 years old. It’s always been my dream. One day…. one day…. I will write that book.
  4. What makes me feel overwhelmed? A cluttered and messy home. –100% true.
  5. What would be the hardest thing for me to give up? Your home. –I never thought of this as my answer, but he’s right. Giving up my home and this life we have built would be the hardest thing to say goodbye to. 
  6. If I could give money to charity which one would it be? The Humane Society. I love dogs, but I don’t think that would be my answer. Children’s Hospital and especially RSV research is what I’m most passionate about during this season of my life.  
  7. What’s my hobby? Writing. He paused a long time to think about this one because I don’t really have time for hobbies. Between juggling our home, laundry, cooking, working from home, and 3 kids…there isn’t a lot of time for hobbies. 
  8. Given the choice of anyone in the world, who would I want to have dinner with? Leonardo DiCaprio DUH. And let me just say, it’s not because I think he’s Titanic Hot, I just find him to be the most fascinating person in the world. 
  9. What is my favorite movie? The Departed- as it should be everyone’s. What about artist? Bob Dylan –Anyone who knows me knows this answer without skipping a beat. I love Bob Dylan, his writing, his music, his bizarre nature and misunderstood voice. 
  10. What is my favorite thing to eat? To drink?  Sushi and a nice bottle of wine. Heaven.
  11. Where do I want to retire? Savannah, and her oak lined streets we lived there for about 6 months a few years ago, and I fell madly in love. We will be back to stay longer next time.
  12. Am I on time or always late? Never on time, but also never really late. –again, 3 kids.
  13. What makes me happiest? Your family. Being a wife, mother, and loving every minute of it. -no comment needed!
  14. What is one random thing about me people might find interesting? You were a news anchor for 10 years. Honestly, I don’t miss a day of it. I miss my friends and the communities we lived in, especially Birmingham, but the job itself is H A R D. Much respect to all my newsies. 
  15. What is your word of advice to me? To remember that social media is 90% bullshit and real life is unfiltered. It can be both heartbreaking and triumphant. So decide what to be and go be it. –I love him. 

eden winter 2

These days dirty clothes are rewashed 5 times because they were forgotten.
These days make-up is applied at red lights, if make-up is used at all.
These days hair is washed a couple times a week.
These days babies are worn while making hot dinners.
These days are spent cleaning only to be destroyed within 30 minutes.
These days are falling asleep in one bed and waking up in another.
These days emails are answered during midnight feedings.
These days are lonely yet so filled with love.
These days are busy with preschool and play dates and doctors appointments.
These days are slow morning Saturdays and rushing out the door for soccer, swim or dance.
These days are wiping noses, butts, mouths and everything in between.
These days are kissing boo-boos.
These days are scheduling date nights with your spouse weeks in advance.
These days are making 8 trips to the grocery store in one week.
These days are taking temperatures and rocking sick babies to sleep.
These days are disciplining the children and then running in the other room to have a good cry.
These days are toys you didn’t even know existed.
These days are coffee. Lots and lots and lots of coffee
These days are wine. Lots and lots and lots of wine.
These days are being so frustrated one second and laughing hysterically the next.
These days are feeling like a failure for too many reasons to count.
These days are feeling like a champion because your kid finally ate that piece of broccoli or used the potty or scored a soccer goal.
These days are exhausting…so tiring your bones hurt but somehow you find the energy to press on.
These days are making money where you can, whether you pedal something online, work in corporate America, or monogram on the side.
These days are sad when you think about your old life before kids.
These days are happy because you can’t remember your old life before kids.
These days are exciting when you get to sneak away for a weekend away from the kids.
These days are depressing when you find yourself missing them.
These days are long.
These days are short.
These days are fleeting.
These days will one day be missed.

We welcomed you to the world on an unseasonably warm November day. Your due date was November 8th, Election Day, in one of the most controversial elections to date. But you decided to join our family 4 days early.

I was scheduled to be induced with you. Not because we had any medical issues, but because of your older sister. Eden entered the world within 3 hours of my first contraction. She was born so swiftly, my doctor was concerned you would be born at home or in the car if my water broke.

At 6 am on Friday morning, your dad and I drove to the hospital with our bags packed. We checked in and sat in a quiet waiting room. I was nervous and uncomfortable, but had been uncomfortable for weeks. We were told there was an abnormal amount of births during the last 3 days and we may be bumped. The nurse asked me if I was having contractions.

“I mean, maybe…but I did eat a spicy buffalo chicken sandwich last night and it could be indigestion,” I responded. She insisted on me being checked and found I was already in active labor.

I was terrified because the epidural did not work with your brother and your sister was born too quickly for one. Surprisingly, the epidural took and you were born at 1:09 in the afternoon. Calmly and my easiest delivery.

I cried. They placed you in my arms and you didn’t leave for 2 hours.

When you were finally measured, the nurses asked me how big I thought you were. “8 lbs maybe?” I was sure you were my smallest baby. 9 lbs. 8 oz. We named you Adam William. William for your great-grandfather and uncle.

Adam, you have made our family complete. You have an older brother who wants to help change every diaper and sing How Much is That Doggie in the Window to you. He asked me today if you’ll play baseball with him. But he said you can’t cry because there is no crying in baseball.

You have a big sister who adores you. She asks to see you every time you are near. She wants to hold you and sing to you and kiss your head. She can’t wait until you are old enough to dance with her.

You have a mom and dad who love you to the ends of the earth. Adam, you have expanded our hearts to limits we didn’t know existed, and we are beyond blessed to be your family.