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5 Reasons Why Waiting to Find Out the Gender is Worth It! *updated*

Our family is getting ready to welcome baby #5 to the circus and for the fifth time we will be completely surprised by the gender when he or she makes their grand entrance in August. There are very mixed feelings (and some very strong opinions) about finding out the gender of the baby…


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February’s 5 Favorite Things

I wanted to share some of my favorite things I chatted about during the month, as we know they can get lost in the shuffle of blog posts. Also, please bear with me as my website is undergoing a massive facelift. It might look different during the next few days, but all of…


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Veggie Pizza

Happy 2/22/22! Today is also my mom, Nance’s birthday. I found it only fitting that I share one of her best recipes on her birthday. This Veggie Pizza recipe has been in our family for years, in fact the recipe she sent over to me was typed up with a typewriter. Something my…


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Best and Worst Baby Registry Items

I shared a similar post when I was pregnant with my 4th child, but now that I’m pregnant again… I thought it worthwhile to chat about this topic again. As a veteran mom, there are some things on a baby registry that are totally worth every single penny and some things that should…


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Our Rainbow Baby is On The Way!

We are so excited to share our Rainbow Baby is on the way this August! I had a miscarriage in October that really rocked me to the core. This was my second miscarriage, I had one before Luke, but this one was so hard. We weren’t planning to have a fifth child, so…


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Homemade Egg Rolls

My Aunt Sue is, hands down, one of the best cooks I know. She has the best recipes and she makes gourmet Sunday dinners for the family. I remember spending the night with her as a kid and she would make a five star meal and a full cheesecake for dessert for just…


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