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Everyone Is A Star at Hotel LeVeque

Where do I even begin with this hotel?! From the moment you walk into The LeVeque Tower in downtown Columbus you feel as though you are transformed into a 1940s movie star. The theme song from the 1954 Sabrina movie song came to mind, as I entered the revolving door. You know, the…


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Goodbye Amelia – I Will Forever Love You

I’m trying really hard to fight back the tears. It’s still so raw, and I’m not even sure if I’m ready to talk about it, but perhaps this will help with the healing process. A couple of weeks ago, we put down my dog Amelia. Amelia led an extraordinary life, to say the…


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How To Take Fun Photos with Your Children

One of the most frequent questions I receive is how do I manage to take so many photos of myself with my children. If you were to take a quick scroll through my Instagram feed, you’ll see 90% of my most recent photos are of the kids doing something cute and clever and…


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LOOPS Bracelets

In like a lion! We’re experiencing bad storms here in the Midwest…as is much of the country. But it’s so dang warm! So, playtime on the porch today, alllll day. You know, my kids are constantly looking for something new to play with. I think I’ve mentioned on here before, they don’t really…


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Luke is Four!

We celebrated Luke’s birthday with family, this past weekend. It was a really simple party with minimal decorations and homemade cupcakes. (Don’t judge the cupcakes. Someone asked me if they were cinnamon roles. I’m a great cook…terrible baker.) I have yet to host a major birthday party for any of my kids…the more…


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Monday-ist of Mondays

Yesterday started off as the Monday-ist of Mondays. 3-year old’s feet asleep as┬áhe woke up. Lay him down on his “B” (blanket). Drag him to living room Alaskan Dog Sled style. Out of chocolate syrup = no chocolate milk = WWIII. Coffee brewed without my son’s supervision = WWIV. Make 3 different breakfasts….


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