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How I Got in the Best Shape of My Life After 4 Kids

How I got in the best shape of my life after 4 kids, and how you can too!


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After the Partum is the After Party (Mom Frida to the Rescue)

Any mom knows, the first few days after delivering a baby can be rough, and oh so uncomfortable. Thank goodness for modern medicine and those special needed items for the (ah, hem) area down below. You know what I’m talking about. I can’t speak for c-section moms, as I know they have a…


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How Do You Feel About Your Maternity / Paternity Leave??

I really don’t know how to tackle this subject, but it’s an important one that I feel needs to be discussed. Maternity leave, or lack thereof, in our country just doesn’t compare to other nations. Plain and simple. I know this is a controversial issue, and I rarely dive into anything political on…


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Why I’m Scared for Labor, Delivery & Postpartum (Even as a 4th Time Mom)

It’s the final countdown. Just a couple of weeks left until baby #4 enters our lives and changes our family dynamic. For the better, but still it’s a shift of our normalcy and we would be completely blind to think a new baby won’t change everything. Even as a 4th time mom, I’m…


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