Something interesting happened on Wednesday at our weekly swim lesson at Goldfish Swim School. 

We were running late, per usual. We arrived 5 minutes before class started. I rushed to the changing area with all 3 kids in tow. I helped Luke and Eden change into their suits right before class was starting. When the announcement was made to enter the pool, they walked over to their instructors and hopped into their separate lanes.

I sat behind the glass with Adam as I do every week and observed the kids working hard in their lesson.

As I’m sitting there watching lanes 2 and 5 while juggling a baby on my lap, I noticed something I haven’t really noticed before. Luke can swim. I mean, he can actually swim. I’m not talking doggy paddle or float on his back or tread water, but he can do windmill motion strokes and swim from the entire width of the pool with very little help.

Listen, I’m not a braggy mom by any means. My kids are just as normal as the next 5 and 3 year old children…but it’s an amazing feeling to watch your child swim for the first time ever.

It got me thinking about our 2018 goals when it comes to the water. This March will mark an entire year of weekly swim lessons at Goldfish. I understand this may not be for everyone…but if you’re even on the fence about swim lessons, I really encourage you to try Goldfish out. I am truly AMAZED at how far Luke and Eden both have come over the course of a year.

We are signed up for another entire year at the school, and I’m so excited to watch them learn, grow, move up in classes, build confidence and continue to learn life saving skills.

*Thank you Goldfish Swim School for sponsoring this post.*


Fall is in the air. Pumpkin spice errrrrrythang, and the end of warmer temps. (Even though it’s still in the 80s here.)

I contemplated pulling the kids from swim lessons for the season, but realized quickly how silly that would be. It’s something they absolutely love and I would hate for them to lose what they’ve already learned. So, we continue to spend part of our Wednesday afternoons in the water.

One thing I want to mention here, it’s so cool to see how many parents feel the same we way do. The classes are still pretty full!

What about you? Do your kids take swim lessons? Are they seasonal or year around?

I’m also looking forward to future events at Goldfish Swim School. They are so great to work with.

Side note: Yesterday was just “one of those days”. I was tired, ran all day, and really was feeling it at the end of the day.

As I was bathing these two goldfish, Luke looks at me and goes: “Geez mom, you look terrible. You need to get some sleep tonight!” …………

gold fish kids

The title alone is a little depressing. We spent our Labor Day weekend on the water one final time before the cooler air sweeps in and we fall right into fall.

I have to admit, as every basic woman in America would agree, I do love fall. But the end of summer is the most bittersweet of all the seasons.

This summer we spent countless hours in the sun and in the water. At the beach, the lake, and the swimming pool. Thanks to the kids’ ongoing swim lessons at Goldfish Swim School, I wasn’t nervous at all this season!

Luke has become quite the fish in the water, and while Eden is a little behind his skill set she is gaining confidence with each passing weekly class. The most amazing thing about Goldfish is the instructors’ love for the students and their attention to detail. They smile and welcome my kids in the water every week and they remember what they are struggling with and help them overcome obstacles. After several months of swim lessons, it’s still something both of my children look forward to week after week.

We fully intend on keeping the kids going in swim lessons, so they don’t lose any of their skill set.

What about your little swimmers? Will they end their lessons as we fall into fall, or will you keep them going?

boatpool .jpg

It isn’t always easy to find shoes for babies. My son is 9 months old (wow! They grow up fast) and shoes typically do not stay on his little feet. We were first introduced to Kinbe a few months ago and I was instantly drawn to the company.

Let me talk about the moccs first. They are soft, stylish and adjustable for growing feet. Adam has the navy pair with white stripes, I love how versatile they are.

Now, allow me to chat about the best part. For the past couple months, I’ve been searching for companies that give back. It’s my goal to give as much as I can to these kind of organizations, but surprisingly there aren’t as many out there as I would have thought. When I was approached by Kinbe and learned about their mission, I was hooked.

At Kinbe, they believe in building loving homes for children without them. As a mom, it breaks my heart to learn there are 140 million children in the world without a loving home. Kinbe is dedicated to building a legacy of love. When you purchase a pair of their moccs, 25% of your purchase will go toward their mission.

Did you know most children under the age of 3 in an orphanage will likely sit in a crib all day long with little human touch? I can’t even fathom that. Due to the lack of resources, education and staff these babies and toddlers cannot thrive. This is why Kinbe has partnered with an orphanage in Guatemala whose mission is to build family style housing for these children.

Most of the children in Guatemala will never be adopted. Kinbe supports training these families on parenting and child development and hiring and vetting of staff so that they can provide the best love and support for orphan children.

Kinbe believes it takes a village to raise our children (and I couldn’t agree more!). If you’re interested in joining their tribe, I encourage you to explore their website. While you’re there, take a look at the adorable moccs!

Little steps to building a brighter future.


Bring it on, Summer! Today we finally made it to the local watering hole. No, not that kind. I’m talking about the pool. Believe it or not, for the first time I wasn’t super crazy nervous!

I credit it 100% to Goldfish Swim School. At Luke’s lessons this week I was amazed at how much he’s learned and how far he’s come. The amazing instructors are working on swim safety with the kids in conjunction with National Water Safety Month. The school aims to educate families by calling attention to steps we can all take to prevent accidents from occurring. For Luke, it was practicing swimming, flipping, floating on his back and flipping over again to paddle to the side. He’s not a pro…but he’s learning the concept.

Eden, meanwhile, has graduated out of her introductory class and will soon be on her own (sans mom) for her weekly lessons. Yay, Eden! Especially, yay for mom!

At the pool today, the kids were eager to jump into the deep-ish end without fear. I can’t stress what kind of relief this is for a mom of 3 at the pool this summer with small kids.

Now to get Adam signed up for some lessons. That little shark is a natural born water lover.

luke swim

Luke’s Swim Safety Lesson at Goldfish Swim School

eden swim

Counting down the seconds to jump in the pool

adam pool

Shark Bait

Luke and adam at pool

Adam, Luke & Bubbles!