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Raising Awareness for a Really Scary Virus (RSV)

Thank you to Sanofi for sponsoring this post. The thoughts and opinions expressed below are my own. A flood of emotions overcome me as I scan the archived photos that occasionally pop up on my phone. I glance at my phone and have to quickly look away. Seeing my 5 week old baby…


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What’s the difference between Coronavirus and RSV?

What are the differences between Coronavirus and RSV?


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RSV: Why We Won’t Stop Talking About It!

It’s been a whirlwind of a week! I spent 10 years of my life on-air. A full decade of getting up, fixing my hair and makeup, driving to a television station, pitching story ideas, making phone calls, setting up interviews, driving to a location, interviewing a subject (hoping for no obstacles), driving back…


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RSV: What is it and why it still haunts our family 3 years later

A flood of emotions overcome me as I look at my 5 week old baby. The flashbacks of Adam at this exact age still haunt me. Just three years ago, Adam was hooked up to dozens of machines at Nationwide Children’s Hospital for several days. I was clutching to a little boy who was…


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Revisiting the Really Scary Virus (RSV): What I’ve learned and what I wish I would have known

It’s been two years since our family was forever changed by Respiratory Syncial Virus (RSV). Two years since I spent 5 days at Nationwide Children’s Hospital clutching to a little boy who was fighting for his life. Two years since I went through every single emotion a mother could possibly experience: anger, guilt,…


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