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4 Reasons to Just Keep Swimming

My older two children have now been enrolled in Goldfish Swim School for a full year. We take weekly, 30 minute swim lessons. I can honestly admit that even after a full year, it is still something they look forward to every week. But it’s not for every child, there are plenty of…


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Goodbye Summer.

The title alone is a little depressing. We spent our Labor Day weekend on the water one final time before the cooler air sweeps in and we fall right into fall. I have to admit, as every basic woman in America would agree, I do love fall. But the end of summer is…


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Learning to Swim isn’t an Option, it’s a Requirement

When my son Luke was born it wasn’t an option. I was adamant he would learn how to swim. That opinion never changed as time went by and we added two more children to our nest. We’ve always been water lovers. All of my children love the ocean, lake and swimming pools, yet…


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