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Life Lessons from Luke

Our 6-year old is a natural born leader. Sure, all parents feel that way about their precious little ones, but there is something truly unique about Luke. You see, Luke has two loves in his life right now. Sports Coaching Eden in sports and really, in life. He is a wealth of knowledge…


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5 Reasons Why Waiting to Find Out the Gender is Worth It!

Our family is getting ready to welcome baby #4 to the circus and for the fourth time we will be completely surprised by the gender when he or she makes their grand entrance in September. There are very mixed feelings (and some very strong opinions) about finding out the gender of the baby…


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You are SIX!!!!!!

Dear Luke,  You are the one who made me a mother 6 years ago today. I can say with complete honesty, it is my favorite job and greatest adventure.  Now, where do I begin with you?  Luke, you are a very very special child. Of course, all mothers think that about their children…but…


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Sprinklers, Sunshine, Swim Safety

Out of no where, we jumped right into summer! I know a lot of areas are in a premature summer heatwave, and Ohio is no exception. The kids have been living their best lives the last few days in the sprinkler and playing with water hoses…counting down the days until our pool opens….


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10 Reasons Why I Like (and strongly dislike) Having My Kids Close in Age

“You have your hands full.” Five words I hear almost daily. From the post man. From the grocery store cashier. From a passer-by at the park. I always look down at my entourage and say, “Sure do. Full hands. Full heart.” When I found out I was pregnant with my daughter, our son was…


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Summa Summa Summa Time

Bring it on, Summer! Today we finally made it to the local watering hole. No, not that kind. I’m talking about the pool. Believe it or not, for the first time I wasn’t super crazy nervous! I credit it 100% to Goldfish Swim School. At Luke’s lessons this week I was amazed at how much…


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