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Q+A’s with Jeff + Shanisty

I love answering questions with you all. I get a lot of messages about “mommying”, but I wanted to open up some of your questions to Jeff as well. My husband is a “behind the scenes” kind of guy…but he really has some great advice to offer up too! I recently asked for…


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I Didn’t Even Know You When I Said ‘YES’

Looking back, we didn’t really know each other very well. Definitely not enough to say “I do.” We were a bit older than some couples when we first met, I was 27 and you were 29. We lived in separate cities and had completely different lives. We both had very busy, very demanding…


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I Diagnosed My Husband with a Very Common Disease

Do you or someone you love suffer from “Refuses To Throw Sh*t Away Syndrome”?? Take the test to find out!


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To Remember When I’m 70…

My husband took the time to answer 15 random questions about me so I can remember this season in my life. Hopefully, to look back on when I’m 70 and smile at how beautiful this life is.


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