I know, I know… I’ve broken the number one rule of blogging and haven’t been super consistent. Honestly, I’ve been busy (and a little sick, another post for another day).

Do you make New Year’s Resolutions? I do, and I know they’re super cheesy and usually fall apart by this time of the year, ahem what’s up with March?! But I still make them and the last two years they’ve stuck. The reason for my absence here isn’t because I made a resolution to cut back on blogging, it’s because I made a resolution to work harder!

Two years ago my goal was to grow my Instagram account. I went from about 2,000 followers to 10k in a year. I know for some that isn’t a huge deal, but I was proud of it because it was organic growth and I didn’t pay for a single follower or like.

Last year my goal was to grow my blog and do more public speaking. If you’re a follower here, you probably noticed I was pumping out 3 blog posts a week last year! Was it annoying to you? Perhaps. But that was my goal and I did it. I also hosted an event last summer, traveled to Washington DC twice to share our RSV story and spoke at several local events. I set my goal and I accomplished it, and I was super proud.

This year I decided to take a different path and grow my business. Did you know I own my own business? Probably not. But I own a digital marketing / social media business, called White Barn Media, that I run out of my home (without a nanny or babysitter, oy!) It’s hard work, but in just three short months I have grown from 2 to 6 clients!

And I love it!!

I know I have been neglecting my blog a bit, due to my workload and that’s no excuse. I miss blogging and connecting with you, so I promise to be more vocal on here in the coming months.

That being said, I am also working on creating an online course for you. I’m calling it The Business of Social, where I will break down everything on the social media front.

  • Are you interested in starting a blog?
  • Do you have dreams of becoming an influencer?
  • Does the idea of working from home running other social media accounts appeal to you?
  • Would you love to quit your day job and earn money on the apps you love?

If you answered yes to any of these questions then The Business of Social is perfect for you. I don’t have a rollout date yet, but I would love to hear from you!

What topics would you like to see me cover in this online course?

I’m excited to get started on my next big resolution / goal in 2019!

Photograph by Autumn Theodore Photography

Wake up.
Creep downstairs.
Hold my breath, don’t wake the bears.

Coffee brews.
First sips are best.
Finding my computer is the next morning quest.

Tiptoe to my office.
Fire up my laptop.
Quickly responding to emails before I have to stop.

Shhh. Quiet.
Is that what I think?
The first little bear rubs his eyes between blinks.

Emails on hold.
Coffee turns cold.
I remind myself I will miss this when they grow old.

Milk is served.
First little bear is content.
Back to my office where my mornings are spent.

Emails fire back.
I’m typing quickly in between sighs.
Second little bear lets out a weak little cry.

Milk number two.
It’s a quick decoy.
Little bear really just wants a toy.

Breakfast requests.
I tell the bears, “take a number”.
Just then the third bear wakes from her slumber.

Eggs and fruit.
No, cereal and bagels were their plan.
Didn’t you know mom is a chef on demand.

Breakfast is over.
The bears want to play.
This is how we start each and every day.

Mama, I feel you.
You are not alone.
And honestly, the chaos is what makes a happy home.

Just know you’re amazing.
Wonderful and beautiful too.
After all, they love the and only you.


An Ode to Mornings

Some how…some way… it always gets done. An ode to mornings as a busy mama.

Yes. He sleeps with a blaket over his head. Yes. He can breathe. His face isn't covered. Don't report me to DHR

Yes. He sleeps with a blanket near his head. Yes. He can breathe. His face isn’t covered. Don’t report me to DHR.

Ermahgawd, I did it. I can’t believe that I seriously tiptoed into my son’s room last night… and slept on the floor next to his crib, because … I missed him. What the? I don’t understand how someone can miss someone sleeping in the next room. Especially when that sleeping “angel” spends most of his day screaming at the top of his lungs, finding sharp objects, playing bongos on the dogs backs, throwing door mats (that’s a new one) and trying to nose dive off the couch.

I work Wednesday-Sunday. During the week I go to work at 3:45 am…on the weekends I am at work by 3 am. I always put my son down for bed, but I am never there when he wakes up. I wouldn’t change my schedule even if I could. If I have to work…then working half of my day while he’s still asleep is ideal.

When I get home from work between 11-1 he’s usually ready for his nap. We nap at the same time and then we have the rest of the day to play. Mondays and Tuesdays are our days. We go to story time at the library. We go to Target. We go to lunch together. We play outside. We drive around. We feed the fish. We go to the park. We pet the horses. We practice our manners (hey, at least I try). We do a lot. I cram as many activities into those two days. They are my favorite days of the week.

When Wednesday rolls around…I’m back to work again. And, I miss him. I become that creepy mom that peeps on him while he sleeps. And, I guess sometimes sleeps next to his crib. What a weirdo. That monster owns me.