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10 Work from Home Tips from a Mom Who’s Been There!

Are you losing your mind yet? Be honest, how many meltdowns of toddler proportion have you had since quarantine? I’ve been working from home with kids for the last 5 years. I will be the first to admit, it is hard work. Throw in the mix of homeschooling your kids, even though we…


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Weekly Wisdom: Sometimes Being in a Rut is a Good Thing

Sometimes, being in a rut is good…as long as you can wake yourself up. Here me out. Routines are great, and I’m a big proponent of them, but only in moderation. Sometimes I feel like routines can make us a bit stagnant and the result can spiral into a rut. I guess I’ve…


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2020 is going to be all about YOU!

I love a New Year. There is something so freeing about stepping into a new year with a clean slate. I am also all about setting goals for the new year. Each year we travel to Arkansas to visit Jeff’s family the day after Christmas. (Except this year, we don’t have a vehicle….


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Mom Guilt: Why We Have it & How to Get Rid of it

Mom Guilt: Why we have it and how to get rid of it.


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Follow Your Dreams! (Flexible Careers from Hondros College)

Follow Your Dreams. Because your kids deserve a mother they can brag about. This quote hit me like a ton of bricks while scrolling through Pinterest during a late night feeding with my month old baby. As a mom of 4, I know how quickly we can lose our identity. Our world can…


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How Do You Feel About Your Maternity / Paternity Leave??

I really don’t know how to tackle this subject, but it’s an important one that I feel needs to be discussed. Maternity leave, or lack thereof, in our country just doesn’t compare to other nations. Plain and simple. I know this is a controversial issue, and I rarely dive into anything political on…


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