M A G I C A L – 5 things I learned at Disney

It was kind of last minute and we went back and forth and back and forth on taking this trip. BUT, we went. AND, I am so happy we did.

It was so refreshing spending time with my mom and Thing 1 & Thing 2 before we welcome their baby brother/sister in 8 short weeks. Oy.

5 things I learned from this trip to Disney:


Being 7 months pregnant helped that. Vacation is overwhelming for little kids. It’s new, out of their routine, and there is a lot to absorb. Some of the greatest memories on this trip were dancing by the castle…watching a bunny eat (yes we did this for almost an entire hour)…running in the rain…and riding the monorail.

By nature, we (adults) want to go go go. Mom and I really slowed down and just let the kids explore. Luke was Buzz Lightyear until about day 3 and then he became a pirate searching for buried treasure. Eden was a princess on day 1 and still a princess on day 5. (She was also a cat hoarder. We purchased two more cats, a cat hat and cat coffee mug.)


This is the first time we have done this. My kids are not early risers, but they were this trip. We made early breakfast reservations so we could get into the park first. Try to make reservations before the parks even open if you can. Yes, everyone will hate life, but it’s SO worth it. It wasn’t super hot and the park was empty.


Things will not go as planned. You won’t get to do nearly as much as you hoped for, it could rain (or hurricane) kids can get sick (which both of mine did a few days before we left). It’s all OK! These are the things that make the memories you’ll remember. I saw so many parents rushing everyone around while kids were having meltdowns. Granted, I am not perfect… but just go with the flow. It’ll make everyone’s life easier and happier.




Also a first this trip. Usually I just depend on my iPhone and those Photo Pass people to take pictures. Let’s admit it, iPhone pics aren’t the greatest. The Photo Pass is great….BUT…it’s super expensive. I’m also a fan of candid pics and not staged smiling snapshots. The pros won’t take these kind of pics. I thought taking my camera would be a giant pain in the a**, but it wasn’t bad at all. And I’m really happy to have these pictures now.

***WARNING*** picture overload:

At the Princess breakfast, Luke did not have much interest UNTIL he met Jasmine. “Where have you been? I’ve been waiting for you. No! Don’t stand there, come over here and take a picture with just me.”
When in Italy… (no wine was consumed for the making of this picture)
Luke got to meet Buzz Lightyear this day. He was so star struck.
Taking a break from dancing, running, sword fighting and every other physical activity imaginable.
Jackie O on the Boardwalk.
Luke: “Mom takes a lot of pictures Buzz, all you have to do is say ‘Cheeeeese’.”
While searching for buried treasure, Eden spotted some lady’s hair and started crying because she thought there was a bear on her head.
When you let the kids pick out any toy they want on vacation, you introduce Meow Meow 3 and 4 to the family. Eden also got a Meow Meow hat (pictured below) and a cup. #cathoarder
Luke did not want her in his personal space, so she photo bombed his picture.
Thrilled about her hat. Not thrilled I took 900 pictures of her wearing the hat while laughing hysterically.
kisses from snow white.jpg
Breakfast at Cinderella’s Castle was a highlight, and totally worth it. Especially because Luke got sword #2 and Eden got a magic wand (aka: sword to fight her brother)
3 going on 18.
Seeing Cinderella for the first time.
Eden has the damsel in distress act perfected. She likes to tell Luke she’s scared and he tells her he will protect her.
water 2.jpg
Mom asked me why I take so many pictures of their backs. It’s so I can’t see them eye roll me as I snap picture 2,439.
If you’re wondering if it’s hot in Orlando at the end of August…the answer is YES. Tink looks as though she’s about to pass out here. (mom was too)
Nothing like a night on the Boardwalk.
The only halfway decent picture they took with their mom. They pose so much better with Nanny.
So long. See ya real soon.

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  1. On the things you learned, # 4 would be me. Naps and snacks!! Great pictures, you will look back and enjoy in years to come and the kids will to.

  2. Tip #6- Try a Disney Cruise – relaxation after chaos!!!!

    1. It’s for sure in the plans in the next few years!! Just cannot handle the thought of babies on a ship right now. haha.

  3. Naps were sooooo clutch! For mom too. Thank you 🙂

  4. Love your pictures!! The Kids looked great,and are growing so fast! Luke is a Great big brother!

    1. Thank you! He really is a great big brother. Such a protector. 🙂

    2. Thank you!! I agree. He’s the best 🙂


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