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5 Egg Dying Methods

I am doing a TV segment in Columbus tomorrow about some natural and unique ways to dye your eggs this Easter and found it so valuable I wanted to share with you! Did you know that store bought egg dying kits are often full of chemicals you wouldn’t want near your family? That’s…


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Are You There Spring? It’s Me, a Mother of Cabin Fevered Children

We live in the Midwest, so I know my friends in the Northeast have had it way worse with Nor’easter after Nor’easter, but can we just pause for a moment and talk about how cold it’s been? Yesterday was Easter Sunday and the kids enjoyed an egg hunt outside with the beautiful sunshine….


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Luke is 2 months: What I’ve learned & what I’d do differetly

Our baby Luke turned two months old on March 23rd. This post is coming a little late… but, better than never. Things I’ve learned: (month 2)-The yoga ball is our new best friend. Thanks to my awesome neighbor, Jessica and her amazing mom, Brenda for this one! I hold Luke while bouncing on the…


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The light is blinding

The light at the end of the tunnel is getting brighter, everyday.  End of the tunnel I woke up this morning realizing that in less than three weeks, I will have my #sealegs back. I will be able to walk. I will be able to drive. I will be able to leave the…


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