Coming to a t.v. near you

Saturday, MAY 12th, I’m baaaaaaaaack on-air! I will be co-anchoring the early newscasts on Saturday & Sunday… and then we will play it by ear for the following weekend. 

One of our extremely talented photographers is putting together a story on my accident/rehabilitation for the news. I think it will air on Friday on CBS42, and I will post it to the clog, ASAP!

The viewers have been wonderful through this whole journey. I’m so thankful that a lot of you haven’t forgotten about me! I’ve received some awesome, and inspiring emails, and it makes each day a little brighter. 

As for walking, apparently, I have developed a killer case of Plantar Fasciitis. I had no idea what in the heck that was until this week. To be honest, the physical therapists aren’t positive that’s what it is… but I have intense inflammation and pain in the heels and Achilles in both of my paws. 

It is a minor set back from progressive physical therapy. But, I’ve decided set backs are for losers. I am taking it easy, and doing exactly what they have instructed me to do. My stretches, icing religiously, and using bio-freeze (sounds illegal) on my heels… but I am not going to let this get me down!

This week, I have really come to terms with the fact that it is going to take me a LONG time to get back to where I was before the accident. I’m really thankful that I will ease back into work as a part-time employee, and then reevaluate everything when I am feeling better. 

Meanwhile, I am learning to crochet, like an old lady. Donna (the YouTube crochet lady) has some great informational videos… but it’s pretty challenging. I am trying to make dishcloths, but have realized my dishcloth looks more like a mini banana. So, maybe I have a future in crocheting fruit. 

I am also testing out some new recipes this week. Would you believe I actually created a menu?!? Who the heck am I? Sounds like someone is becoming domestic!! “Bless my heart.”