Let’s face it. I am no exception to the rule. We are ALL busy. When I left my career in news, I thought life would settle down. What a naive, new mom I was!

With three kids, life is crazy. I also work part time as a marketing director and try to maintain this blog with the most up to date happenings… even though I would still love to write more.

When Goldfish Swim School contacted me about a possible partnership, my inner self said “YES!” My brain screamed, “Are you crazy? How are you going to pull that off with three kids?!”

What I didn’t know, was how incredible the facility is. The staff. The swim instructors. The accommodations. Did I mention the facility??

When you walk inside Goldfish Swim School you are magically transported to a tropical island…far, far away from boring….I mean beautiful, Ohio. It’s perfect for the on-the-go mom because there are tons of large dressing rooms, cubbies, and even a perfect large sized double mirror complete with outlets and hair dryers. (see pic)

Every week, I either come from a meeting or need to rush off to another meeting…so it’s a comfortable place to change and get ready for our next outing.

The classes are splash-tastic. OMG, did I really use that word? No, but seriously…my kids love it. Luke and Eden look forward to their swim lessons with Miss Sarah and Miss Emma week after week.

If you are considering swim lessons for your littles, I’m fully convinced there is no other route. Click on the link below to sign up today!


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