Easy birthday theme for a first birthday.

Jude’s first birthday has come and gone. My last first birthday for one of my babies, tear. I knew this would be my last first birthday, but between homeschool, work, and trying to stay sane… his birthday approached faster than I imagined, and I wasn’t fully prepared.

Truth be told, I kind of threw this theme together last minute… like 6 days before his party, last minute. 😬

Even with that said, his first birthday was by far my favorite! I wanted to have a little pajama party for his cousins, but with Luke’s golf schedule we had to have his party on a Sunday night, so that wasn’t going to work.

Then I wanted to purchase him a teepee because I think they are so darn cute, so I thought about doing a teepee theme… but that didn’t really lend for too many decorations.

After a very early morning (like 3am early) I landed on the idea for a Where the Wild Things Are theme.

Enter: Pinterest!

Everything you can possibly imagine for Where the Wild Things Are can be found on Pinterest and Etsy. I ordered a little romper from 2 Trouble Boys which by the way, the personalized romper was shipped the very next day… I was SUPER impressed! I also ordered the little “One” crown from the same shop owner.

Next, I ordered a cake topper from Carol Cow Crafts

I actually prefer to order Kroger or Costco cakes over boutique bakeries and then decorate them my own way with cake toppers and figurines. Not only do I think Costco cakes taste better… they are SO MUCH CHEAPER! I will say though, do not purchase a Costco cake unless you have a large amount of people to feed. With COVID, Jude’s

party was very small, so I opted for a Kroger cake. The cake + topper was $25 total.

I then searched Etsy for little ways to decorate for his party and found lots of PDF printable files for Where the Wild Things Are. Some of the ones I ordered were from Everything by Elle Co. and Bryna Cumplido Events  . By ordering the printable files, I saved a lot of time and money. I also bought a black tablecloth, balloons and confetti from Party City.

Lastly, I went to Walgreens photo center and printed 12 of my favorite Jude photos. I took twine + clothes pins and taped it to a chalk board so it read “One Wild Year” …. a super easy idea and only costs about $5 to print 4×4 photos at Walgreens.

All in all, his entire party cost me less than $150 including the Amazon tent, outfit, decorations and cake!

If you’re looking for a very quick and easy theme for your little Wild One, this rumpus was is a hit!

What was your favorite birthday theme for your child?