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Luke Explains Golf and MANY Other Things

This was my first time in front of a “camera” in 18 months! Thank goodness my son stole the show, because I completely lost my train of thought a couple times. #rookie I’ve never used the Facebook Live feature before but I’ve stalked other friend’s live streams. Although, I really didn’t have anything…


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Slow Down

You’re rushing around the house like a bat out of hell trying to get your things together and scoot the kids out the door. It’s like you’re running late for a meeting with your boss when you’re really on your way to the park. Slow Down and catch your breath. While driving in the car, your…


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Dear Eden Marie

Dear Eden Marie, You were not planned. When I found out I was pregnant with you, I was upset. Selfishly, I thought to myself…”Oh, great! Here we go again.” It’s not that I didn’t want you…I just didn’t think I was ready for you right then. More importantly, I didn’t know I needed…


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