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Mom Guilt and A Messy Bouquet of Flowers

How mom guilt is REAL and most like a bouquet of messy flowers.


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Winter Home Ideas

10 ideas to make your house into a home this winter.


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Luke Explains Golf and MANY Other Things

This was my first time in front of a “camera” in 18 months! Thank goodness my son stole the show, because I completely lost my train of thought a couple times. #rookie I’ve never used the Facebook Live feature before but I’ve stalked other friend’s live streams. Although, I really didn’t have anything…


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My Dad was Banned from Dunkin Donuts

My dad has a story almost weekly. Some are funny. Some are shocking. Some seem too good to be true. But that’s the kicker. They are all true. My dad (Bud, for those who know him) used to frequent a particular Dunkin’ Donuts. For the coffee. I would eye roll too, but considering he’s lost…


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Finding Your Purpose…Again

pur·pose: The reason for which something exists, or is done, made, used, etc. So this is a pretty sensitive subject. I already know that, diving in. I’m literally eye-rolling right now as I feel the need to write a preface, but here goes: I do NOT miss my last job. I am beyond…


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Aren’t humble brags the best?! #blessed

Seriously though, don’t you just love your friends on social media who have a better life than you and can’t wait to post about it? I shared an article earlier today on Facebook, and suddenly realized people might actually think I am serious about my humble brag. Or worse, the people who are…


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