I want to tell you all a little about my husband, against his will. Jeff and I met in 2009 at our friends’ wedding in my hometown of Columbus, Ohio. Jeff coached soccer in Montgomery, and I was a morning anchor at CBS42 in Birmingham. I don’t think either of us expected more out of the relationship, than friendship. We had several things working against us…the distance, he traveled all the time, and I was living my life as a zombie… in bed at 6 p.m. and up at 2 a.m. 

Soon after our first date, I moved to weekend anchor, and my hours became more manageable.  Jeff kept my interest, because he was unlike anyone I had ever dated before. Not to mention, he didn’t shave often, had crazy long hair, and wore these worn out cowboy boots.
We’ve never been a publicly affectionate couple. I don’t post a million status updates on Facebook about how awesome my husband is, and you won’t find kissing pictures… but that doesn’t mean he’s not beyond amazing. 
Jeff is everything I’m not, and that’s usually how marriages work. Sure, we have a ton in common, but there is also a lot to our relationship that’s very different. Our entire dating relationship was long distance, and so were the first six months of our marriage. Most would agree, we don’t really do things by conventional standards.
He has gone above and beyond the call of duty during these last three months. He dropped his career, and moved to Birmingham immediately following my accident. He has worked two jobs, kept the house clean, done laundry, cooked, cared for our dogs… without a single complaint. You can tell the difference between people who do things because they have to, and people who do things because they want to. Jeff is the later.
I’m telling you all of this because sappy love movies make me uncomfortable and are ridiculous examples of how relationships really are. Life isn’t a fairy tale, and love isn’t found in the enchanted woods.

But, happily ever after… to some extent, does exist! You just have to be patient. Don’t settle for Mr. or Mrs. 80%. Wait. Wait. Wait. I PROMISE YOU, the perfect person will come along.

Think about that special person in your life. Now, imagine you are in a serious car accident…one, many say, you should have died in. How would that person respond? 
I’m not saying Jeff is perfect, (and we all know I’m not), but he’s close enough to perfect, for me. 
Awwww…. hopefully, you’re not too nauseous, because I am a little. Here’s a bit of humor to end the clog of the day….
I received this picture via text from my mom this morning with no explanation….. I’m pretty sure this is Bud’s foot scrubber he went on and on about to me at the beach during our #kidnapping.