How To Take Fun Photos with Your Children

One of the most frequent questions I receive is how do I manage to take so many photos of myself with my children. If you were to take a quick scroll through my Instagram feed, you’ll see 90% of my most recent photos are of the kids doing something cute and clever and I’m usually right there beside them.

Some of the photos are taken by my husband, but he’s busy so the majority of the photos you see inside my house are taken with a self timer. We don’t have a functional tripod, so I use a ladder and sometimes a boxed wine to help prop it up. Ha!

Here are a few tips to getting in front of the camera:

  • Be Prepared. When taking photos of young kids, the more prepared you are the better. Have everything set up in place. All you will need to do is position the kids and yourself, press the self-timer button and go!
  • Bribery Works. I’ve been preaching this for years, if there is a certain photo you want to take of your kids…bribe them with a fun snack. Whether it is watermelon, popsicles or cookies. Shhhh. We won’t tell that beautiful picture came complete with a bribing tool.
  • Pinterest. There is a wealth of creative photo ideas on Pinterest. I search the site all the time for new ideas!
  • Don’t overdo it. Try and aim for 20 minutes max, anything after that…kids are over it! I try to let the kids play to help make the experience fun.
  • Relax and enjoy these little moments. Remember, you are capturing memories so try to make it fun for you too!

Here are some fun photo examples below.

How do you take pictures with your kids?

Taking Pictures with Your Children
Bubblegum is a good bribe.
Taking Pictures with Your Children
Watermelon is another bribery tool.
Taking Pictures with Your Children
Taken with a self timer and the camera propped on boxed wine. ha.
Taking Pictures with Your Children
This one was a easy. No fussy children to bribe.
Taking Pictures with Your Children
Taken with a self timer.

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