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Pickle Juice Wednesday

Pickle juice covered shoes. 3-year old screaming she can no longer feel her legs. 4-year old hollering for help after knocking over a giant Christmas display. Wednesday. Last week we were at the grocery just like we are every single week. Please don’t tell me about Amazon Prime Now or Kroger Click List….


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I blinked. And you turned 4.

I blinked. And you turned 4. Your curiosity and kindness amaze me. Your inquisitiveness keeps me on my toes, constantly searching for more logical answers to your tough questions. “Why does the sun shine in the winter if it’s cold outside?” “What exactly is a year, mommy?” You are extremely mechanical and love…


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Hold ’em Up

Monday. Something I never anticipated when I left my career was how badly Mondays would still suck. I woke up super motivated despite the continual lack of sleep. I had a pad of paper out ready to meal plan for the week, fed all the rug rats, drank some coffee. I decided to check my calendar…juuuuuust…


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Honest Fear Exposed

Can I be completely honest here? I am beyond terrified of what is to come in the coming days. I’m not talking about the huge responsibility of raising three hood rats, 3 years old and under. I’m not talking about the constant crying, challenging feedings or sleepless nights newborns graciously come equipped with. I feel…


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Ireland Circus (9/12-9/16)

Week 32 pregs Started prenatal yoga. I’ve never taken a yoga class before in my life, but I really need zen. At least that’s what I’m telling myself. Is zen even a verb? I enjoyed class, but am totally the old fart there. I am the only person in class not on their first…


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To Sibling or Not to Sibling

A couple weeks ago, I shared a picture of Luke and Eden hugging to my Instagram account. I captioned it: “Growing up an only child, I never knew what it was like to love a sibling. THIS is everything.” The picture really had me thinking about my somewhat unique situation. Growing up an…


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